Here is your opportunity to help me find some seeds and plants that I am looking for, and I am always happy to trade plants and seeds if you have something I am looking for.  Also if you have something unique that isn't on my list, you can still email me to see if I'm interested, as I am a complete plant nut and I have a very wide variety of interests and who knows I may be very interested in your variety.


  • Acacia angustissima seeds or plants from northern areas

  • Acacia constricta seeds or plants from northern areas

  • Bauhinia bohniana seeds and plants

  • Citrus - any winter hardy forms seeds and plants

  • Hibiscus moscheutos 'Cotton Candy' seeds and plants

  • Manihot grahamii seeds and plants

  • Oplopanax horridus plants

  • Pelargonium violaceum seeds and plants

  • Rhapidophyllum hystrix seeds, seedlings in bulk, or large specimens

  • Sabal 'Birmingham' seeds and plants

  • Schefflera delavayi seeds and plants

  • Schefflera taiwaniana seeds and plants

  • Schefflera - any other winter hardy species seeds and plants

  • Tecoma stans angustifolia plants from northern areas

  • Tetrapanax papyrifera seeds and plants

  • Tetrapanax papyrifera 'Steroidal Giant' plants

  • Trachycarpus fortunei large specimens

  • Trachycarpus princeps 'true silver form' seeds and plants

  • Trachycarpus takil plants

  • Trithrinax campestris seeds and plants

  • Tropaeolum ciliatum seeds and plants

  • Victoria water lily seeds and plants

  • Yucca brevifolia var jaegeriana plants

  • any seeds or plants of hardy exotics

  • any seeds or plants of variegated or unusual varieties or species


If you happen to have any of the seeds or plants on my list, or any varieties that you think I might be interested in, please email me, and we can go from there.


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